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Adult karate: Ages 16 and up

Tuesdays and Thursdays  5pm to 6pm   
Fridays   6pm to 7:30pm
Sundays 10am to 11 am

Monthly fees $80.00

Uechi-ryu karate is a form of self-defense training from Okinawa with Chinese roots. It's a practical system of health and fitness, utilizing martial arts and defensive techniques to enhance physical condition, strengthen the body, and control emotions. Our practice focuses on body conditioning, controlling your breathing, and dynamic tension muscle isolation. Agility, vigor, and fitness are the primary results.

Okinawa Karate Academy focuses on utilizing martial arts and defensive techniques to enhance your body and mind through a simple form or set of movements. These movements help to train the body to develop proper posture, muscle isolation, weight transfer, and breathing control. Sanchin, which means "three conflicts," is the core and spirit of the system.

• First, we teach generating blood flow and energy in the body. Doing stretches and light movement across the floor.

• Second, we teach blocking and striking. Your body learns to block a hit, take hit, and how to properly strike another person. There are 13 basic techniques to train balance, generate power, and develop quick muscle reactions. Practicing with a partner in class is essential, where students attack and defend against each other under supervision and instruction.

• Third, we practice our forms or katas; there are 8 forms that help you develop your karate practice. Regular practice will keep you in tune with your body and mind.

Practicing Sanchin rejuvenates the body, calms the mind and softens the spirit. Doing these routines give you agility, vigor, and a more relaxed day to day life.


How we test for rank

Advanced students at the black belt (Dan) ranks, count up, using the Okinawan terms for the numbers. So, we call a second-degree black belt a Nidan (Ni = two), a third-degree belt a Sandan (San = three), and so on.


When the sensei knows that a student is ready to test for the next rank, he will recommend that the student test, and prepare him accordingly. Before a student may test for Shodan (first-degree black belt,) the student must participate in two Okikukai seminars. One is usually about six months before the Shodan test; the other is usually just before the test.

Test fees:  kyu ranks (under black belt or Sho Dan)$25.00, Adult test fees for black belt are determined by the Okinawa Karate Association (our parent organization.)

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