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Chi Gong 

Sundays 11:15am 12:25pm

Qi Gong is the way of self maintenance and repair. the Qi gong exercises and forms at first regulate breath and blood flow in the body. Balance and strength are next to be improved by qi gong exercises. power and ability to transfer weight is usually next result of continuous qi gong exercise. Body will naturally project heat and the body's magnetic field is well aligned  
The Qi gong exercises begin by correcting/strengthening/maintaining proper posture; these exercises will focus and strengthen the connective tissues and the fascia. This happens as exercises improve the range of motion, balance and strength increases. Exercises include acupressure on points and rubbing the body in the direction of blood flow. Qi gong emphasize on mindfulness: in breath, in motion, in perception and mood dictates your health and well being. Breath control becomes essentially the first step as one practices movement as well as stillness.

During the sessions practitioners learn methods to stimulate fascia in order to increase its function and elasticity.

1.        Reducing anxiety and depression
2.        Improving balance and coordination
3.        Strengthening tendons and ligaments
4.        Improving sleep quality
5.        Slowing bone loss in women after menopause
6.        Lowering blood pressure
7.        Improving cardiovascular fitness
8.        Relieving chronic pain
9.        Improving everyday physical functioning

The sessions is in 3 parts:
First part focused on energizing surface layers of connective tissue. 
Second part is acupressure, rubbing and tapping sequences to enhance the blood flow and generate energy.
The third part is engaging muscles, ligaments and tendons. Breathing methods and dynamic tension techniques are used in sets of arranged movements.
Fascia training benefits;
        Increase flexibility
        Reduce lower back, shoulder and Neck tightness
        Improve speed, strength and agility
        Minimize injuries during training and competition
        Relieve stress
        Live a more pain free and comfortable life


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